The Odyssey of Sergeant Brennan

  We at SAW are incredibly proud to have packaged and contributed to this book. Written by the genius Bryan Doerries, drawn in part by SAW’s Justine Mara Andersen and Jess Ruliffson, lettered co-colored by SAW’s Sally Cantirino and co-edited and packaged by Tom Hart, this is an important book we hope everyone will see and share. The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan by Bryan Doerries, Joëlle Jones and various…

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New adult classes in January

Newspaper created by SAW for the Gainesville CRA

We’re offering four optional intensive classes this year for adults. All classes are 15 weeks long,  January 11- April 29 with a break during UF Spring Break, Feb 28-March 3, 2016. ———————– Mondays, 6:30-9:00 pm – Comics Obstructions with Tom Hart This class will be almost entirely exercise-driven. We’ll do collaborative comics, non-traditional exercises and experiments to get us unstuck and keep us on our toes. We’ll try collage, watercolor,…

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Non-Linear Logic, Set 1

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.29.48 PM

EXCLUSIVE TO SAW! Many years ago I started this cartoon series, an exercise in reducing everything I knew into the fewest lines with the most limitations I could impose upon it and still make it emote. I’m not saying it was terribly original, nor that it had never been done before, but I really enjoyed making these, I called them “Non-Linear Logic.” One of my ambitions in creating these…

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The Process, Justine’s Odysseus Pages

Odyssey JMA Page 1

This entry originally appeared on my blog at 1 of 6: In these 6 entries I am going to walk you step by step through the process I went through to create 6 of the 17 pages I pencilled and inked for the upcoming “The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan” graphic novel. This is a DARPA funded project intended to assist veterans with PTSD. The power of myth…

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Thank you to the SAW teachers

I want to thank here the many fantastic teachers who have walked into my life here at SAW, whose role I could never have predicted when I began thinking about the place in 2010. These great teachers and inspiring artists have made SAW a haven, a beacon, a caldron – a place for students to work hard and learn this form. Justine Mara Andersen First, my amazing friend Justine…

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Our IR@UF animated video

IR@UF Justine Andersen created this video for the Institutional Repository at UF. What’s the IR@UF? Click and see! And click over to the Projects page for more of the work we’ve created for governmental and non-profit clients.    

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Horror Workshop in partnership with The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome and the Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) join forces to create Guignol Nights: Art, Theatre and Film, a weekend of workshops culminating in a exhibit at the Hippodrome Gallery during the production of SLASHER on the Hippodrome Mainstage from October 15 – November 9, 2014. The Sequential Artists Workshop offers instruction in Guignol (horror) themed art pieces, and the general public is invited to be inspired by the classic…

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New work from Barefoot Justine

      I haven’t bragged enough about our amazing drawing teacher, Justine Mara Andersen. Preparing for next year’s SAW Single-Year Program, I sat down with her and once again was overwhelmed by her wisdom, skills and brilliance. The images at the top is new work from a project we’ve been collaborating on about Odysseus (I’m editing, she drew an amazing 17 pages, a small sample of which is…

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