Cara Bean’s 3-Color Accordion Book, Fundraiser Gift

SAW student and colleague Cara Bean made this lovely 3-color accordion book, just finished with help by Eric Taylor of SouthSprings/Sweat Press. This is just one of the books you will receive in the SAW 2015 Indiegogo fundraiser, here: Covers coming off the riso.   Too many colors: 2nd pass of interiors, black and green: 3rd pass of interiors, black, green and pink, gluing to covers.   Trying…

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Funding gifts rolling off the presses

  A sneak peek at some of the Riso zines and posters coming off the Risograph for our year-end fundraiser. If you haven’t donated, you can do so now at $30 gets you the Riso Round Up featuring all of our student minis, and just $25 gets you the Ron Rege Poster, above! At    

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How to not be afraid of a Risograph

Within our first week of classes, Tom showed us the risograph in the corner of the classroom (it’s an upgrade to your common photocopier, commonly used in printing comics). Hearing horror stories that it was a complicated, finicky, loud and frankly downright intimidating machine, I was convinced there was no way I’d ever be able to learn how to use it. It became a personal mission to avoid at…

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Fulfilling Orders

Vanessa Davis Poster

We want again to thank all the donors of our winter fundraiser. We’re working hard to fulfill those orders/rewards now. Eric at Sweat Press has three Risograph machines cranking, we’ve got Alabaster’s postcards coming out, Vanessa Davis’s posters, and the first of our mini-comics, by Josh Bayer/Pat Aulisio, Steve Wiessman, Jessical Abel. The next coming weeks will see  us getting minis out by Sarah Glidden, Fran Lopez, Matt Madden…

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First student zines

Flickr Page of Student Work

Our first zines from the first semester are rolling off the risograph. Here’s a look at Ceili Braidwood’s Hai Tea/Tea Ku: The first Riso zines by SAW students are coming off the press. This lovely one, Hai Tea/Tea Ku by Ceili  send-me-letters  

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Visting Artist: Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, who’s lovely Meteorologie show (painting above) was just up at FLA Gallery here in Gainesville stopped by on her way out of town to do some Riso printing. I am always glad to offer the studio space to creative, adventurous artists (See Erin Curry’s amazing abstract comic, for instance. What Serra did is create little gems of geometric prints in flat gold on card and…

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