Instant Success!

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Instant Success! Our 4 upcoming online courses maybe be in-depth, but you will learn RIGHT AWAY. What will you learn from  Aliza Einhorn, Justine Andersen, Jim Higgins, and the Snakes Community? Here’s what I learned instantly from these teachers… Aliza Einhorn Aliza told me to pay a little less attention to the Major Arcana (I was obsessed). Instant success!  The Minor Arcana are so deep!She told me the 4s are often cards of…

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Non-Linear Logic, Set 1

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EXCLUSIVE TO SAW! Many years ago I started this cartoon series, an exercise in reducing everything I knew into the fewest lines with the most limitations I could impose upon it and still make it emote. I’m not saying it was terribly original, nor that it had never been done before, but I really enjoyed making these, I called them “Non-Linear Logic.” One of my ambitions in creating these…

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The Process, Justine’s Odysseus Pages

Odyssey JMA Page 1

This entry originally appeared on my blog at 1 of 6: In these 6 entries I am going to walk you step by step through the process I went through to create 6 of the 17 pages I pencilled and inked for the upcoming “The Odyssey Of Sergeant Jack Brennan” graphic novel. This is a DARPA funded project intended to assist veterans with PTSD. The power of myth…

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Guido Crepax & Me

Barefoot Justine, Crepax sketch, final

Visit for more… I’m going to walk you through the thinking that has gone into one of my recent pieces, thought by thought and step by step I will break it down, both the thought process, and the physical process. The genesis of this work came when I was approached about doing a Guido Crepax tribute piece (Valentina in particular) that will be in a collection from Fantagraphics….

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