Early accepted applications will receive 10% off year’s tution


This year, we are going out of our way to make the school student-centered. We’ve added a governing board of entirely students and former students, and we’re offering scholarships and discounts for early applications. This year, for 2018-2019, we’re offering 10% year-long base price to those who apply before March 1. Apply here to learn more!

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Why an Art School Alternative?

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.13.40 AM

We created SAW to be an alternative or supplement to art school, one with a small institutional foot-print to keep things intensive and affordable for the student. We are 5 or 6 practicing artist/teachers and no one behind an office desk. (Though we could use that sometimes!) Our space is a little bit grubby. We sometimes have to move furniture and building supplies around to do our figure drawing….

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