Vanessa Davis Poster, Last days of fundraiser

Vanessa Davis Poster

Vanessa Davis comes in our last days with this amazing poster design: Please visit to pick up this poster and support SAW for 2014. Also just spread the word, thanks! Tweets and posts for your sharing: Here is a BLOG post you could use:… TUMBLR page to reblog:… TWEETS: SAW @comicsworkshop is grassroots education: direct, affordable, focused. Donations are tax-deductible over at Thanks Our mission is to…

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Vanessa Davis sketches for the blog and flier

The fantastic amazing Vanessa Davis has agreed to do some of our marketing materials, including the website images and the in-process brochure. I asked for a cool lady going to art school for our central image. Here are Vanessa’s first sketches and some of our back and forth about it. Vanessa: Hi Tom! Which of these girls do you like? And/or do you want certain elements from one gal…

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