SAW Year Long Program

Do you want to make comics, but feel overwhelmed by your own dreams?

Do you know your work isn’t good enough, but have no idea where to even begin making it better?

If you answered “yes,” don’t sweat, it, you’re still not alone.

“Ultimately we aren’t dissatisfied with our work, we’re dissatisfied with ourselves.” – Justine Mara Andersen

Everyone at SAW has at one time or another had to struggle with the same questions and dilemmas, and we’ve all found answers, and our faculty can share them with you through our unique blend of mentorship and comics-specific curriculum.

SAW is looking for serious students of comic book and sequential art.

We offer a single year-long course of study on-site in Gainesville. The 2015-2016 Single-Year Program just finishing and our students have had a great education. Our program stands among the best in the country. See our 2014-2015 wrap-up blog post here. See the flickr set here.  See the 2013-2014 wrap-up blog post here.  See the 2012-2013 round-up blog post here.

We also offer additional intensive classes for new and past students, here.